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Youth and Drugs

Doing drugs is a dilemma in rural areas. They come in different shapes (tablets, weed and marijuana). These drugs are available either through dealers or pharmacies.
I am so sad that those teenagers/young people resort to drugs. I wish if the people in charge can stop drug dealing. Why does the ministry of health allow selling drugs without a prescription?
These drugs make youth wasted. In addition, it can transmit diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis C. Finally, they may end up dead.

Nadia Mohammed Farouk

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Sterility and not having babies

zzgzz.netStory of three girls

When it comes to sterility in our country; if the husband is the sterile party, then the wife lives with him without giving him any hard time. On the other hand, if the wife is the one who is sterile, then his husband shall remarry and not care much about living with her. If the husband wanted to live with the sterile wife, his family shall interfere, spread the word about her sterility, annoy her and ask him to remarry.
In case of divorce, she does not remarry because everyone in town knew that she is sterile and will not be able to carry babies.
I know this story of three ladies who lived in the same house
The first lady got married and did not give birth for years, so her husband divorced her. And she did not marry again.
The second lady got married and did not give birth, but her husband loved her and did not want to divorce her or remarry. His family interfered, so he had to divorce her and remarry.
The third lady did not get married easily because her neighbours, family and friends were afraid that she will be sterile like her sisters. However, at the end she got married and gave birth. Her sisters decided to stay in the family house and did not remarry

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The Deteriorating Health Care

Unfortunately, healthcare is deteriorating. Nobody cares about healthcare system especially for the poor and disadvantaged. For example, if the poor farmers went to the healthcare unit in their village, they may not find a doctor. In addition, there is no customized care for pregnant women.
In case of giving birth, the pregnant lady may go to the healthcare unit and find no doctor, so she has to find another doctor. This would usually lead to unwanted consequences such as bleeding, death of the baby or the woman.
When any injury happens, the patient may bleed and then they resort to cutting any of the injured organs.


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I have the right of having children

أطفال من قرية الدوادية_ تصوير دينا المغربي

I have been married for 14 years. My husband has a skin disease that I was not aware of before marriage. I got infected after marriage. Until now, we are not able to have children.
I am illiterate. When I asked for divorce, his family and mine blamed me for that. They told me that this is your destiny and you have to keep married to this man. They told me that your husband is educated, employed and land owner. You have to keep him; children are not everything in life.
I want to ask my husband not to touch me, so that my infection will not increase. I want a divorce.

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Deprived from motherhood because of divorce

أطفال من قرية الودادية _ خاص أرزقيات الصعيد

I was 21 years old when I got married. My husband was one of my neighbors, when he proposed, my family agreed without asking me about what I think. Marriage happened. After that, he left me and travelled to Cairo for 2 years where he works. Upon his leave to Cairo, I found out that I am pregnant. I gave birth to a cute baby, so I sent the baby’s pictures to my husband. When he came back after two years, he was so happy with the baby.

After a year, he kept on blaming, beating and insulting me. As a result, I asked him to marry another woman. I had to leave, but I could not let go of my son. Everyone told me that I have to be patient, but I could not. I got a divorced, and since then I had to leave everything including my son. Until now, I could not see my son.

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