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Youth and Drugs

Doing drugs is a dilemma in rural areas. They come in different shapes (tablets, weed and marijuana). These drugs are available either through dealers or pharmacies.
I am so sad that those teenagers/young people resort to drugs. I wish if the people in charge can stop drug dealing. Why does the ministry of health allow selling drugs without a prescription?
These drugs make youth wasted. In addition, it can transmit diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis C. Finally, they may end up dead.

Nadia Mohammed Farouk

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The role of rural women & political participation

The rural women do not know what political life means because she is not aware of her rights and duties. How would she participate in politics if she is illiterate and not educated?
Women in the rural areas do not care about politics because they are busy with running the household, raising the children, working in the field and helping her husband.
The difference between the rural woman and their counterparts in the cities is that rural women do not enjoy as much equality with men as women in the city

Warda Fahmy Motawea

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