The Deteriorating Health Care

Unfortunately, healthcare is deteriorating. Nobody cares about healthcare system especially for the poor and disadvantaged. For example, if the poor farmers went to the healthcare unit in their village, they may not find a doctor. In addition, there is no customized care for pregnant women.
In case of giving birth, the pregnant lady may go to the healthcare unit and find no doctor, so she has to find another doctor. This would usually lead to unwanted consequences such as bleeding, death of the baby or the woman.
When any injury happens, the patient may bleed and then they resort to cutting any of the injured organs.


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  1. […] As usual  the girls issued very strong  topics and express very  truly feelings, they wrote about  gas  prices after  the  revolution in this posts,  another  one by Heba  addressing  the lack of healthcare  system  the post title  is  The Deteriorating Health Care […]


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