?!Who can kicks us from our houses



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Imagine that you are staying peacefully in your house. The one you’ve raised 4 daughters in and all of a sudden the government tells you that you don’t own the land by which the house is standing and decides that you should evacuate it. That actually happened in El Dawayda. Soa’d is a widow and has 4 daughters. After the death of her husband his family had abandoned her with her daughters, deprived her of her righteous inheritance. She didn’t give in. She found a house and raised her daughters by herself. She had high hopes for her daughters, not only to feed and dress them but to give them a proper education. She knew that it’s only through education that they may liberate themselves.

She was unconventional. She worked as a ….. driver . she moved the workers from the country to the mountain. She was a tough woman. By that profession she was sending the message that women can work anything. She was greatly admired and respected by all the people but peace cannot be prevailed. She has to leave her house. How come the government tells you that you don’t own the house and you must leave it?!! Quite nonsense! Now what she is to do?

The problem isn’t solved till this moment. Soa’d’s story must be told and how she raised 4 daughters by herself and worked in a profession which is considered a man’s


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