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Where is-what is so called-subsidized bread in rural areas? Where are the wheat quotas and bakeries? Why cannot we get the bread’s subscription?
10 leaves for 5 piaster go to a family of 5, 7 or 10 individuals.
In every village, there are only 2 bakeries which do not cover the needs of the population.
The supposedly subsidized bread leaf that should be sold for 5 piaster is being sold for 25 piaster because the merchants buy it from the bakeries. Lack of supervision or following up led to the insufficient bread.
Subscription does not work because bread should be delivered to the house, but it is not sufficient, so those people with subscription go to the bakery early in the morning. In case of late arrival to the bakery, you will find no bread.


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Sterility and not having babies

zzgzz.netStory of three girls

When it comes to sterility in our country; if the husband is the sterile party, then the wife lives with him without giving him any hard time. On the other hand, if the wife is the one who is sterile, then his husband shall remarry and not care much about living with her. If the husband wanted to live with the sterile wife, his family shall interfere, spread the word about her sterility, annoy her and ask him to remarry.
In case of divorce, she does not remarry because everyone in town knew that she is sterile and will not be able to carry babies.
I know this story of three ladies who lived in the same house
The first lady got married and did not give birth for years, so her husband divorced her. And she did not marry again.
The second lady got married and did not give birth, but her husband loved her and did not want to divorce her or remarry. His family interfered, so he had to divorce her and remarry.
The third lady did not get married easily because her neighbours, family and friends were afraid that she will be sterile like her sisters. However, at the end she got married and gave birth. Her sisters decided to stay in the family house and did not remarry

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Woman’s role in the community

Our neighbor has three children and cultivated land. He wanted to obtain an extra job, so that he can better provide for his family. His wife used to work in the land, raise the children and run the household. She used to wake up at 5 am to carry out the household work until 7 am, then she goes to the field to do the work that her husband should be doing, but he cannot because of his new job.
She used to feed her children and get them dressed up for school.
In the afternoon she takes a nap, and then does the laundry.
By sunset, she gets livestock back from the field, makes dinner and spends some time with her family.

Nadia Mohammed

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The role of rural women & political participation

The rural women do not know what political life means because she is not aware of her rights and duties. How would she participate in politics if she is illiterate and not educated?
Women in the rural areas do not care about politics because they are busy with running the household, raising the children, working in the field and helping her husband.
The difference between the rural woman and their counterparts in the cities is that rural women do not enjoy as much equality with men as women in the city

Warda Fahmy Motawea

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