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Mariam is a widow for the second time and then a wife to a 65 old man while she is only 25. She was the only girl to a vey poor family. She had 4 brothers. She had to work in buying and selling grocery with the foundation of her mother’s retirement money, 80 pounds a month. When she was 15 she had a proposal from her cousin. She accepted, wishing for a better life.

Soon enough, she had her fights with her husband and his mother though she did all that was required from her. Everyday she waked up from the dawn, cleaning, feeding and milking the cattle and making cheese. She did also all the house keeping to the extend that she had no time for herself. She started to ignore her husband’s needs. He couldn’t stand that and he committed suicide by burning himself. He shortly died after staying 2 days at the hospital.

She returned to her mother’s house to stay with her brothers and their wives. She was 17 years old. She returned to all the bad conditions she had once escaped from. She had to buy and sell grocery, to go all the way long to El Menia to bring the goods to the country. She lived with a very low income till she accepted a marriage proposal with the same wish for a better life.

She spent 3 years with him then he suddenly died. She returned to her mother’s house again but this time they couldn’t stand her and started teasing her about her poverty and the death of her 2 husbands, telling her that she was the cause of this. Finally she got a proposal from an aged man, 65 years old. She was uneducated and she couldn’t wait for other better chances


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