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الرعاية الصحية المعدمة

قرية الدوادية مركز المنيا

للاسف الشديد ان الصحة في بلدنا معدومة ولا يوجد اي اهتمام بها وخصوصا للفقراء و المعدمين في البلد وهم الاغلبية فاذا ذهبوا الي الوحدة الصحية الموجودة في البلد مثلا لا يجدوا الدكتور ولا العلاج و حتي السيدات في حالات وضع لم يجدوا أحد

فأضطروا للذهاب الي مكان اخر في المركز وأحيانا الست يحصل لها نزيف او اختناق للطفل أو الوفاه

وكم من الحوادث والاصابات في المحاجر ويذهبون بالمصاب للوحدة لانها الاقرب لكن لا يجدوا الاهتمام او الامكانيات

فيحدث نزيف حاد ووفاه او بتر للاعضاء المصابة .



عن محاجرنا

محاجر في الدوادية_ خاص أرزقيات الصعيد

كتبتها: مرثا

كان في رجل بيعمل في المحجر وكان بيصرف علي مراته وبعدها اتوفي وساب ولد عنده 16 سنة طلع بعد ابوه ما توفي يشتغل في المصنع علشان يجيب رزق للبيت وفي نفس الوقت يروح المدرسة يتعلم يومين وباقي الاسبوع في المصنع لحد ما الولد تعب وجاله مرض اسمه زلال تعب جدا ومحتاج يصرف كتير في العلاج .

بدأت الام تشتغل في ادوات تجميل في البيت علشان تقدر ترعي الاولاد ودخلهم المدارس ومحدش بيساعدها في حاجة وملهاش دخل من أي مكان تاني وفضل ابنها اللي عنده زلال يشتغل في المحجر ويا ريت الفلوس اللي بياخدوها بتقضي المدارس ولا مصاريف البيت الواحد بيروح يشتغل في محجر المصنع يكون سليم ويرجع مفقود .

When girls meet their needs with cement and Block

This is photo from google

I’m Nadia. I was 7 years old when my father had died and left us without a pension. A mother, 4 girls and 3 boys, we hadn’t our bread even. My father had lung cancer for 5 years. He had a part time job. Many people were helping us during my father’s illness until his death. It was inevitable that my mother should work. She worked as bread maker and in colleting the crops but that wasn’t enough for feeding, dressing and educating 7 children .

The villagers asked us to work in constrictions for 3 pounds a day including our food. We couldn’t but to accept and we were happy that we’ll help our mother. My mother didn’t know about our suffering. We were working 12 hours a day, carrying contraction’s materials on our head which were basically cement, sand and white bricks, carrying them to the scaffold. They insulted us so much but we couldn’t do without that job. We had to bear all that so that we can live.

My brothers weren’t able to continue their education. 3 daughters didn’t go to school from the first place. They did the house keeping instead. Only one went for sometime to an illiteracy institution. It was only me that made it to some high school.

The mountain .. which survive our homes and eats our children !!

This photo by Noha Atef

A huge mountain is in the east of village. About 80% of our men and men youth are working there. The daily fees in the mountain begin from 30 to 100 LE according to the age of worker. This is a good money to survive homes. Most of men are cutting  rocks with sharp equipments called ” El hashasha “

Lot of men, youth and children are working in the mountain in a very hard times. In summer working hours begin from 3 pm “the most hot hours” till 11 pm and, in winter they begin from 3 am ” the cold hours” to the 12 am.

As the mountain survive our homes it also eats our children, all workers are not insurant from death or disability. Many men, men youth and boys had lost one of their lags or hand,  and great number had lost their lives. In addition allergic diseases

At the end, women who are carry out the responsibilities to survive all the family members. A great percent of families in Dawadaya considered as female house holding families