Dawadaya is our village’s name.

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Dawadaya  an old Egyptian name taken from the name of profit Dawad or “David”, according to the last public statistics in 2009 the village population is 8000 persons, Dawadaya is one of the villages existing in the east of El-Menyia parallel with the mountain.

Most of  Dawadaya people are poor farmers, In summer we cultivate pains, lady fingers and Mollgkaia while, in winter we cultivate sugarcane, potatoes, grapes and “barssem” a plant to feed animates.

Nazlet Hossen is a central village, we called it is the mother village, it is bigger than ours and away from us by 2 kilos. In Nazlet Hossen you will find the most local essential services we need, the post office, the hospital, the school primary and prep and secondary. If we want to go the Nazlet  Hossen village we can take a uncovered vans, or riding a donkey and most properly walking on  foot



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