The mountain .. which survive our homes and eats our children !!

This photo by Noha Atef

A huge mountain is in the east of village. About 80% of our men and men youth are working there. The daily fees in the mountain begin from 30 to 100 LE according to the age of worker. This is a good money to survive homes. Most of men are cutting  rocks with sharp equipments called ” El hashasha “

Lot of men, youth and children are working in the mountain in a very hard times. In summer working hours begin from 3 pm “the most hot hours” till 11 pm and, in winter they begin from 3 am ” the cold hours” to the 12 am.

As the mountain survive our homes it also eats our children, all workers are not insurant from death or disability. Many men, men youth and boys had lost one of their lags or hand,  and great number had lost their lives. In addition allergic diseases

At the end, women who are carry out the responsibilities to survive all the family members. A great percent of families in Dawadaya considered as female house holding families



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