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Where is-what is so called-subsidized bread in rural areas? Where are the wheat quotas and bakeries? Why cannot we get the bread’s subscription?
10 leaves for 5 piaster go to a family of 5, 7 or 10 individuals.
In every village, there are only 2 bakeries which do not cover the needs of the population.
The supposedly subsidized bread leaf that should be sold for 5 piaster is being sold for 25 piaster because the merchants buy it from the bakeries. Lack of supervision or following up led to the insufficient bread.
Subscription does not work because bread should be delivered to the house, but it is not sufficient, so those people with subscription go to the bakery early in the morning. In case of late arrival to the bakery, you will find no bread.


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Market Control and the Revolution

سماح رايحة تملى انبوبة بوتجاز

After the revolution, the prices of natural gas are the same as before the revolution. The price of the tube reached 65 LE because there is no market control

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